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What's Time? - Turning in 11

by Nadja Lind

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da rhythm
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da rhythm Top-notch relaxing and hypnotising album. Best meditation and powernap and deep work music. Please never stop creating those sounds! ❣️
earl de maris
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earl de maris I have been using binaural sound technology for years and have concluded that my favorite from the hundreds of albums I have experienced are Nadja Lind's (aka Aashya) Turning In Ambient albums. In a sea of mediocrity and "me too" productions the Turning In Ambient albums stand out in originality, sound quality, and most important for me, the ability for the listener to achieve a deep meditative state. I meditate daily for one or more hours and my experience has been consistent with each album in the series, Nadja's creativity and ability with sound production is amazing - beyond any music I have used before. I like all of her "Turning In" albums but this new one is her best. I recommend this album to any meditator that is looking for a beautiful binaural sound. Earl D.



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Creating music has always been my refuge and one night working on a dance music track I got really frustrated since nothing seemed to work.
Except for this beautiful, layered melody caught my attention. When I removed the beat I immediately got carried away by the flow and deeply affected by the soundtrack because when I came out of it I felt like I was reborn - so refreshed, relieved, full of energy and so much lighter.
Suddenly I connected what I had learned earlier studying about the brain and healing post traumatic stress and Shapiro’s book on her EMDR findings and started experimenting with (binaural) healing frequencies.

Neuroplasticity at work:
Whenever I put my earphones on and listen to ’Turning in’ my nervous system relaxes, my thoughts quiet, my body gets still and I can actually feel my brain rewiring and healing. Every day I feel lighter, calmer, focused, refreshed, awake, energised, alive, relieved, healed and confident.

Of all the electronic music I've been producing my healing ambient frequencies have given my life back. I am so grateful for this frequency healing journey!


💙Your feedback and testimonials are always welcome. Thank you very much, Nadja 💙

🎧 What it does:
This album of five powerful, relaxing meditation soundtracks gives you a wide range of binaural frequencies to choose from starting from low beta to alpha, theta down to delta brain waves in order to meet your needs at any given moment. 

🎧 How I use the tracks: 

🌀focus while working
enhance my creative process
power-nap / lying down in a darkened room or blindfolded
ease stress e.g. during flights (noise, odors, tastes, anxiety, stress, tightness in cabin, and so on)

🌀ease the vagus nerve (in sympathetic states like stress, anger, depressed mood, anxiety, mind loops, emotional eating, compulsive habits, sleeping problems...)
ease symptoms of PTSD
lighten up my mood in general

Shambhavi [asmr, 4 Hz theta binaural] (40:05)

Shambhavi [asmr, 9 Hz alpha binaural] (40:05)

What's Time? [asmr, 5 Hz theta binaural] (44:44)

What's Time?  [asmr, 22 Hz beta - 2 Hz delta binaural] (44:44)
Purry Friend [asmr, 5 Hz - 4 Hz theta binaural] (33:33)

🎧How it was made:
I recorded my friends including myself chanting in our group meditation and the purring of my cat Mathilda...
With Turning in, Vol. 11, I aimed to create a musical switch to loosen up the shells I unconsciously build around myself in order to protect me from the constant overflow of information, expectations, mental pollution, and distracting energies of my surroundings: On a so called “normal day,” what happens is usually a gradual disconnection from my true joyful nature, a narrowing of my awareness, lessening of my energy and decrease of power. Building up protective shields and masks in order to be able to “function and act in the world” lowers my frequency and uses a great deal of my precious energy - energy that could be invested in playful creativity, sparking new solutions to problems or challenges, and feeling more in touch, alive, meaningful, and aware.

Every single 'Turning In Ambient Drone' wave is designed to gently guide you into states of deep relaxation, emotional release and inner peace, achieved through underlying binaural frequencies – frequencies designed to physically stimulate both hemispheres of the human brain which is being used to help with the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
This helps your body to naturally release its own destressing hormones, allowing you to breathe deeper, help your physical and spiritual body to rebalance and to recover quickly from the rigours of everyday life.

Track No. 1 - Shambhavi Four Hertz Binaural: Length 40:01 min. 4Hz binaural frequency (low theta) thoroughly.
Theta waves: Meditation, hypnostic state, reprogram, deep relaxation, daydreaming, creativity.

Track No. 2 - What is Time Five Hertz Binaural: Length 44:44 min. 5Hz binaural frequency (Low Theta) thoroughly
Theta waves: Meditation, hypnostic state, reprogram, deep relaxation, daydreaming, creativity.

Track No. 3 - Purry Friend Five Hertz Binaural: Length 33:33 min. 5Hz binaural frequency (Low Theta) thoroughly
Theta waves: Meditation, hypnostic state, reprogram, deep relaxation, daydreaming, creativity.

Track No. 4 - Shambhavi Nine Hertz Binaural: Length 40:01 min. 9Hz binaural frequency (Low Alpha) thoroughly.
Alpha waves: Relaxed wakefulness, light meditation. Connection between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Track No. 5 - What is Time Twenty-Two to Two Hertz: Length 44:44 min. Gently and steadily guides you from 22Hz binaural frequency (Beta) to 2Hz binaural (Delta) and from minute 22 onwards 2Hz binaural (Delta)
Beta waves: Physically active and mentally alert, waking day state.
Alpha waves: Relaxed wakefulness, light meditation. Connection between consciousness and unconsciousness.
Theta waves: Meditation, hypnostic state, reprogram, deep relaxation, daydreaming, creativity.
Delta waves: Deep, dreamless, restorative sleep. Sleep has its own stages and associated brainwave patterns and more than simply the absence of being awake.

How to use the binaural tracks most efficiently:
1. use (noise-cancelling) headphones (the binaural frequencies are produced by your brain through aural stimulation of hemispheres through slightly different frequencies on your left and right ear

2. check towards the middle of the track if the volume is comfortable since the tracks are being faded int. Note that after some minutes the perception of sound might get more intense since usually our brains adapt to the environmental noise pollution.

3. ideal is if you can lay down and cover yourself with a blanket. Note that after lying still for some minutes your heart-rate and body temperature lowers.

4. it is vital for the recovery & energy charge process to be completed. So please make sure you will not get interrupted during your listening cycle. - enable e.g. flight mode on your phone
- make sure nobody will knock on your door while the ambient is running
- if applicable use noise cancelling headphones to protect yourself from outside noises

5. put on a blindfold or darken the room. The listening experience will be much more effective the less distractions through other senses/sensations.

6. the drones are designed to keep you right at the edge between a state of being awake and sleep. If you nevertheless fall asleep the drones get more intense towards the end to gently wake you up.

How does each binaural Turning In Binaural Drone soundscape help do this? They assist you by:
● deepening your breathing
● relaxing your body and mind
● stabilizing your immune system
● easing your brain and nervous system
● energizing your body after training, at work or during breaks
● increasing creativity
● deepening & enhancing your yoga/meditation practice
● releasing fatigue
● focusing your thoughts
● helping you tap into your inner joy
● getting you closer to your inner self
● enhancing your capacity to study and learn

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released January 17, 2018


all rights reserved



Nadja Lind Ambient Berlin, Germany

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