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Ho'oponopono - Turning in 5

by Nadja Lind



🚫💡 Streaming is for previewing only and generates NO income 🚫 You can value my work through Direct Purchases. Thank You! 🙏💜
Every single 'Turning In Ambient Drone' wave is designed to gently guide you into states of deep relaxation, emotional release and inner peace, achieved through underlying binaural Delta frequencies – frequencies designed to physically stimulate the human brain. This only works on headphones
Some tracks are combined with an EMDR-like aural impulse to actively stimulate both hemispheres which is being used to help with the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
This helps your body to naturally release its own destressing hormones, allowing you to breathe deeper, help your physical and spiritual body to rebalance and to recover quickly from the rigours of everyday life.

Ho'oponopono - my compass towards an enriched existence!
The Hawaiian ritual of Ho’oponopono, as taught by Morrnah and Dr. Hew Len, proved a balm for my soul. Repeating the mantra — “What is it in ME that I am experiencing (whatever I am experiencing) plus I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you’ — I unlocked a newfound tranquility. No longer a slave to reactive impulses, I found the power of choice. This gentle shift ushered an era of healing and gratitude, with Ho’oponopono as my guiding light, a symbol of transformed existence.
Three beautiful relaxing and relieving and empowering ambient drone waves supported by a powerful tailor-made binaural beat technology of theta and delta brain waves frequencies (binaural frequencies). Spiced with ASMR tickles. Experience the life-changing ritual of self-forgiveness and cleaning the energetic clutter of the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono
Soothing rain and the power of a real thunder storm on a warm summer day and Heavenly Creatures who cheer you up.

How to use the binaural tracks most effectively:
1. use headphones (the binaural frequencies are produced by your brain through aural stimulation of hemispheres; without headphones you won’t participate in the frequency following response (FFR) effect. Best would be noise-cancelling headphones.

2. check towards the middle of the track if the volume is comfortable. In doubt decrease the volume 2 - 3 db (rather than increase). Note that after some minutes the perception of sound might get more intense since usually our brains adapt to the environmental noise pollution.

3. ideal is if you can lie down and cover yourself with a blanket. Note that after lying still for some minutes your heart-rate and body temperature lowers.

4. please make sure you will not get interrupted during your listening cycle. it is vital for the recovery & energy charge process to be completed.
- enable e.g. flight mode on your phone
- make sure nobody will knock on your door for 22min
- if applicable use noise cancelling headphones to protect yourself from outside noises

5. put on a blindfold or darken the room. The listening experience will be much more effective the less distractions through other senses/sensations.

6. enjoy and relax the listening- and trance experience.

7. usually you will gently ‘wake up’ towards the end since the tracks are especially organised like this.

I am very pleased if you'd like to share your feedback and experiences. Thank you very much. Nadja Lind.

Track No. 1 - 3: Starting at 15 Hz binaural frequency down to 4Hz and fade out to 12

How does each binaural Turning In Binaural Drone soundscape help do this? They assist you by:
● deepening your breathing
● relaxing your body and mind
● stabilizing your immune system
● easing your brain and nervous system
● energizing your body after training, at work or during breaks
● increasing creativity
● deepening & enhancing your yoga/meditation practice
● releasing fatigue
● focusing your thoughts
● helping you tap into your inner joy
● getting you closer to your inner self
● enhancing your capacity to study and learn

Steve Rachmad: When I felt sick Nadja's Meditations helped me to recover.

Stephanie K.: I'm in jungle fever again I'm getting hooked on jungle meditation. Highly addictive. I listened to the jungle experience when I felt really sad and depressed and afterwards I felt relieved and happy again and even caught myself laughing aloud. it calms me down and makes me happy!

Christian K. Just listened to your jungle experience meditation this morning. An extremely soft and nice sound carpet. In the first third I even had the feeling i was floating. Will definitely give this another go.
Anton T. Been playing it so much on so many different occasions, it's ridiculous... need MORE AMAZING! 

Deepchild: Ahh, Nadja Lind makes the best meditation tunes... 

Rodrigo C.: I heard your Turning in Meditation compilation...its perfect...great job!! :)

Anton: Been really enjoying your meditations, gone very deep within from listening :) Your 22 min. meditations have been on HEAVY rotation in myiTunes, loving it so much
Yasemin (): "" (will chart)

Chad Andrew (): "Thank you Thank you <3" (will chart) (will play)

test user (): "Gesundmachmusik, danke <3" (will play)

Irene Ibiza (): "" (will play)

Orde Slam (Soma/Paragraph): "magic" (will play)

A-Kintero (intimate Project Music - ebb+flow - NYC ): "Nadia's meditation came to me when I was on bed, it has helping me a lot on my recovery and just a thank you is not enough for this piece of work. Nature, atmospheres and shots of notes... Nadja is just awesome " (will chart)

Manuela Grimm (Universum): ":-))" (will play)

Nadja Lind (Lucidflow, many labels): "" (will chart)

Ambient Test User 11 (): "" (will play)

Helmut Ebritsch (Many): "pineal gland !"

Justin Berkovi (): "Really great - need this!" (will play)

ABarth (phonanza fm): "Yes!!!"

OpenLab Radio (): "thank you. supporting on OpenLab" (will play)

Nick Clarke (Eggworm Tokyo): "perfect again... now i put on the office computer!" (will play)

Ali Khan (kokoro): "thank you nadja. so awesome to hear music aligned to positivity, health and well being. " (will play)

John Dupuy (): "downloading!"

Nadja Lind/Klartraum (Lucidflow, Darkroom Dubs, Soma Rec.): "" (will chart) (will play)

Hervé Dias (): "Nadja Lind has helped me several times!! And this one is just perfect... Love u Sista :)" (will chart) (will play)


released April 3, 2015

Nadja Lind


all rights reserved



Nadja Lind Ambient Berlin, Germany

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